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Park It  & Watch It Movie Nights

Please check this site often for any scheduling updates of the movies

that are coming to the Sun Theatre.

Our showing dates are always subject to the availability from our movie distributors and

occasionally may require a change or rescheduling as per the movie's availability.

We appreciate your support of the Sun Theatre!


We are looking for families, businesses, service groups, groups of friends and indiviguals who would like to become volunteers at the Sun Theatre. Our volunteers run the theatre during movie weekends doing things like selling tickets, making popcorn, selling concessions  and cleaning the theatre. Our volunteer's are the key to keeping our entertainment affordable. Sign up HERE  if you can help us keep "the Sun" shining bright!

The month of June is the month for advertising. At the Sun theater we are always looking for advertisements to play before each showing. I you're interested in having your advertisement shown for 30 minutes before each movie then contact Roxanne Whiting (308-529-2275) or email us at

  • Adult tickets- $5.00

  • Seniors (55 and older)- $4.00

  • Children (Ages 2-12)- $3.00

Movie Times

Doors Open:

Evening shows: Doors open at

7:00 p.m., movie starts 7:30 p.m. 



Sunday Matinee: Doors open at

1:30 p.m., movie starts 2:00 p.m.


Days Open:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday


1 Screen, 260 seat capacity

New Seats, New Carpeting, Awesome Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, Great Digital picture, Low-Low admission prices, "Affordable" Concessions & Friendly volunteers who run the theatre!! Enjoy the best entertainment for less!!


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