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Our beloved movie theatre is on the lookout for local heroes to fill our volunteer schedule for 2024, and we need YOU to make our cinematic dreams come true!

 Why Volunteer with Us?

  • Community Movie Magic: Dive into a magical community service opportunity that's perfect for businesses, organizations, and families.

  • Three's a Charm: You, two friends, and the joy of bringing movies to life—just three passionate individuals can run the show!

  • Flexibility is Our Middle Name: Life is unpredictable, and we get it. If your chosen date doesn't work out, no worries! Swap with other volunteers or welcome fresh faces. We understand that predicting the future is a talent we all wish we had.

 Schedule Tailored for You: We've curated a selection of dates that seamlessly fit into your schedule. Whether it's a single showing or an entire weekend of movie magic, we've got options that cater to your availability.

Switching Scenes Made Easy: Plans change, and we're here to roll with it. If life takes an unexpected turn after signing up, we make switching dates as easy as a scene transition. Your commitment is vital, but we understand the unpredictability of life.

 Spread the Movie Magic: Help us make our call to action echo through the town! Reach out to Jessie Hruza at or 402-413-5747 to sign up, or click one of the links below and join the league of movie enthusiasts making a difference.

 Join the Credits: Be part of the small theatre that's making big waves in the community. Let's create unforgettable movie moments together in 2024!

 Volunteer Here 

We need volunteers!

The Sun Theatre is run by our 

amazing volunteers!

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